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MONL Bylaws

Posted over 1 year ago by Katie Boston Leary

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Please review our revised bylaws (see attached). We intend to motion for approval from our members at our April meeting.

Thank you,

Katie Boston-Leary / Kim Bushnell

On behalf of the MONL board

Update: Thanks to those of you that have reviewed the draft bylaws document. I have added a version with the areas of the document that was edited with explanations for some of the changes for your review. Thanks for your time and attention to this.  We look forward to seeing you all at the April meeting to review and hopefully approve.


Katie Boston-Leary




Bonnie Di Pietro over 1 year ago

Hi- could we get a listing of the changes to the by laws? Or a marked document? Thanks!

Katie Boston Leary over 1 year ago

Hi Bonnie! I will send out a note reflecting the changes. Thanks.

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