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ANA discount for MONL members - LEADERSHIP10; The New Nurse Managers Workshop: Your Roadmap to Success

Posted 10 months ago by Katie Boston Leary

Nurses are promoted to become nurse managers and CNOs with often little or no understanding of the leadership and business skills needed to succeed in that role. They pick up pieces of those skill-sets here and there but are rarely given a game-plan for how to do it all and what the skills needed to succeed even are. This workshop puts it all together. It lays out all they need to know to succeed and gives them the background and “how-to” to successfully implement those skills. From leadership and communication skills to manage staff, to the business skills needed to effectively run the business-side of their units, this workshop gives them the tools they need to be successful nurse managers.

This 2-day workshop will give nurse managers a complete guide on what they need to Know and how they can implement those skills to successfully manage the litany of concerns they face in their jobs on a day-to-day basis. From communication and leadership skills to financial, staffing, and nurse fatigue education, this hands-on workshop will give new nurses the skills they need to succeed in these new roles.

Key Learning Outcomes:

·         Synthesize essential skills of nursing leadership and their impact on staff and the work environment

·         Translate performance gaps into implementation strategies

·         Design a roadmap to achieve leadership success

·         Describe key competencies for nursing managers


Pricing information: 
Regular – $1295.00 
ANA members – $1165.50


Date: November 15-16 , 2018

Location: ANA Headquarters

8515 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring MD 20910